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Introducing . . . In View

Thanks MAv! It rocks... and I think your statement that the new album rocks, is very true.
wow! thanks again MAv
Buddy ..... thanks for the absolutely unexpected birthday surprise! :jump

I'm speechless - not only have you made my day but you've also made my week, month, and likely the rest of my year! :thumb:

I'm glad it's something everyone can enjoy all the same. Thanks again MAv Big Grin
Wow! What a treat. Thanks MAv :thumb:

(and Happy Birthday TLB!)

Certainly a different sort of sound than we've heard from The Hip recently, but different isn't necessarily bad. As with all Hip songs, I'll have something more thoughtful to say after 11-14 listens.
I'm not sure how I feel about it.

I don't know if that's a good thing.
thanks. good to hear some new hip.
i know i'll get shit on for this, but let me be the first to say this new single sounds like watered down hip. its a decent song and i am sure it will get them good radio play, but listen to that poppy keyboard! c'mon! i'm not suprised at the change in thier sound as bob rock is at the helm, but any of the new songs they played at sasquatch blow this one out of the water. hopefully the rest of the new album will have more balls than this soon to be 'hit'.
07/17/95 Craven, SK
11/18/96 Saskatoon, SK
03/02/99 Regina, SK
11/28/00 Keystone Centre, Brandon, MB
09/21/02 Vernon Multiplex, Vernon, BC
11/20/04 Sask Place, Saskatoon, SK
05/27/06 Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA
01/19/07 Brandt Centre, Regina, SK
07/18/07 Bessborough Hotel, Saskatoon, SK
07/07/11 Shaw Park, Winnipeg, MB
01/25/13 Brandt Centre, Regina, SK
07/09/13 Spectra Place, Estevan, SK
09/06/13 Mosaic Place, Moose Jaw, SK
01/10/15 Toronto, ON
07/26/16 Vancouver, BC
I like it... I think? It doesn't sound at all like the hip though.

I sense some Bob Rock watering down on this. Hate to say it, but I hope he doesn't water down rocking tunes such as Drop Off.
I believe that is going to take a couple more listens for me to form an accurate judgement.

I really am not sure about the whole "Killers Style" keyboard in the background (and I know it wasn't the Killers that came up with that sound but they are the most recent example of it...)
the phone rings once...twice bit sounds like a children's song.
So after hearing the song multiple times, I am all in for this new album. I hope they have some dates before the release in October.

I wonder how they will reproduce the keyboard section for this song live?
greenscor Wrote:I wonder how they will reproduce the keyboard section for this song live?

Maybe Gord will have some sort of Sparkley Yamaha that he will stand behind now... Confusedcratch:
After a few listens through it is getting a bit better. I am still not into the keyboards yet but who knows. Sounds a little watered down as was mentioned before. They haven't let us down yet so I am sure the rest of the album will be great!
I for one am glad their shaking things up....sounds better with every listen.

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